Created by Mark Zuckerberg and the mission is to keep people connected from all over the world/ 2004 and was only for only Harvard then only Boston schools then Ivy schools soon took over the nations in a short period of time

In order to engage with other s, you can join groups that interest you and also to find sources. Hold a Q and A session to find people to do a story on. Don’t use private page to engage with your audience Do create your own public page so you can have a bigger audience

Don’t write to long on a post it will bore me and most likely everyone else on your timeline now we like news fast so just put the headline and a link to your story. Let facts shine through don’t only tell people what you think about the topic support with facts.

Some great journalist on Facebook

Nichalos Kristof

Maria Shriver

Dr. Senjay Gupta




Pages Vs Personal page

A page is more for a business to sell you things or a public figure also to see you thing or themselves their music/blog. Profiles with represent individual people.

Often dealing with the internet you can get false information which will ruin your credibility so always fact check everything you do.



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