Let’s talk about Snapchat

spcSnapchat is one of the most popular apps to date. Mostly popular with young adults to send shout videos and pictures with fun filters, geo- tags and you can draw on the is pictures. There are many fun features

  1. Send text messages
  2. Make phone calls
  3. Make video calls
  4. Send money $$
  5. Keep up to date with the news and what is going on in other parts of the world
  6. Keep up to date with celebrities and with your friends

Now snapchat is great there are also many thing that are not some good about it like that it is more or less created for fun selfies not news items.  You can’t site your sources/ give people your links.

Regardless of snapchat downfalls it is still a great use for journalist to get their name out to others.



140-character limit and allows you to retweet

Based in San Fran

Created 2006

Must have tool for journalist you can hashtag (#) to get your information out to a broader audience and @ people to show and give the sources

Always remember do not bore people! Tweeting for your audience and giving personality is a must always check sources nothing worst than having wrong information, the internet is big and people will find out and the people of twitter will DRAG YOUU and let you know you are wrong and WHY trust me I see it everyday)

Some great people/organizations on twitter would be CNN, BuzzFeed, Gabby Noone, Quinta B (my favorite) they tweet and know their audience which is most important.

One thing I love looking at on twitter would be twitter fails because the community of twitter will call you out in a hot second. For example, #McDStories this was a marketing plan by McDonalds for people to tweet about good times and foods at McDonalds but it quickly turned to talks of bad food codes, food poisoning and gross food.

Share your twitter with embedded links and gain followers!










Created by Mark Zuckerberg and the mission is to keep people connected from all over the world/ 2004 and was only for only Harvard then only Boston schools then Ivy schools soon took over the nations in a short period of time

In order to engage with other s, you can join groups that interest you and also to find sources. Hold a Q and A session to find people to do a story on. Don’t use private page to engage with your audience Do create your own public page so you can have a bigger audience

Don’t write to long on a post it will bore me and most likely everyone else on your timeline now we like news fast so just put the headline and a link to your story. Let facts shine through don’t only tell people what you think about the topic support with facts.

Some great journalist on Facebook

Nichalos Kristof

Maria Shriver

Dr. Senjay Gupta




Pages Vs Personal page

A page is more for a business to sell you things or a public figure also to see you thing or themselves their music/blog. Profiles with represent individual people.

Often dealing with the internet you can get false information which will ruin your credibility so always fact check everything you do.


Chapter 8

Being a child/teen of this digital age I assumed that I knew everything about emails and social media but after reading this chapter I realized that there is a lot that I do not know. Simple things like being digitally organized. For example in the book they talking about making folders for everything especially email. I know In class you tell us to make folders for our projects on our hard drive I will admit I do mot  always do it but I know it s helpful for when I go back and try to find my old files and plenty of emails and lost contacts. Luckily some of these tips and apps that they gave I already used like evernote and drop box (the cloud). Being a college student data collecting is something that I do everyday for all of my projects and will real facts and data that can help your story come to life and improve your credibility. The ability to share this data can be simple or can become a bit harder with the way the book explains like when using a spread sheet which in reality is really helpful sometimes a pain to create (thank goodness for excel classes in highschool). I learned that I  order to share data you need to know your audience and be able to help them understand all the numbers and graphs you are trying to show them. Make it simple but concise.Unknown.pngUnknown.jpeg



Why is Blogging so important?

cropped-AbeeIt helped me re-solidify my reason to start my blog in the first place for a place and platform for people that are often unheard and reminded me that blogging is a good start to journalism career although many times people have told me its the start to sloppy journalism. This chapter also taught me a word I never even heard of (microblogging) WHAT? Yet micro blogging is something that I do everyday (probably more often than I should. I love micro blogging or as I call it Twitter it helps me get a quick message out with a link or a picture attached without me having to write a 1,000 word blog post. Also how significant it is to reports to get break news stories. This chapter also touched on how to better brand and market myself with social media and joining I the conversation. This chapter changed my mind on on what blogging is and what it means to me