Let’s Debate




The Republican GOP National debate aired November 10th 2015 on Fox business network moderated by Neil Cavuti, Maria Bartiromo, and Gerard Baker who is the editor- in-chief of Wall Street Journal. All participating candidates as followed, Gov. Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, and Gov. Bobby Jindal, Donald J. Trump, Ben Carson, Senator Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Senator Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Gov. John R. Kasich and Senator Rand Paul. Although this aired on fox it was viewable on cellphones using the Fox Business website via livestreaming. This was extremely important because with new technological advances like Chromecast and Amazon Fire paired with apps like Netflix and Hulu people don’t even need cable to watch some of their favorite shows. Having the ability to live steam allowed me and millions to keep up on politics without a cable subscription or bring forced to read bias articles on what happened. The moderates asked some pretty hard hitting questions to each of the candidates some deriving form twitter and Facebook. Like most of our debates there was and overlap in taking, arguing and if Donald Trump is a part of it an extreme amount of strange faces and eye-rolling. This debate focused mainly on jobs, taxes and the economy as well as international policy. Now I will say that I 100% believe that political debate is extremely important for Americans to learn where each candidate stands on policy’s that effect America while grasping a sense of who will do the best at holding office for the next four years but my biggest critique would have to deal with time management! I feel like there need to be a system or bigger penalty for going over the allotted time. Most of the debate was spent with candidates auguring and yelling about their policy, how it will change America for their better and each of them wanting to get the last word. Knowing and being apart of debates you it is just common courtesy that you make your solid point then allow your opponent to make theirs while also being respectful of the time. These candidates had a blatant disregard for the few minutes allotted to them. Grated this republican debate was much more substantial than the previous three that seemed bias toward certain candidates but work still needs to be done when dealing with time management. With that being said people still enjoyed this debate more with ratings of about 14 million according to Nielsen ratings data these ratings were the highest ever seen in the history of the business news network yet it trailed behind the second debate with 23 million viewers and the first debate with 24 million viewers. After each debate there is usually a poll that asked viewers who they thought won we had Donald Trump in the lead at 42% followed by Marco Rubio with 16 % Rand Paul with 13 % Ben Carson 12 % and John Kasich, Carly Fiorina ,Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz with less that 10% according to US News. That is not my only critique about the debate, I was wondering why the Wall Street Journal was allowed to sponsor such debates or more broadly why is any news organization allowed to sponsor debates. Being in college has taught me that we journalist should not have a bias just seek truth and report it having major news organizations like CNN, Fox or Wall Street Journal should only show the programing but not sponsor. Like I said having a debate is wonderful and allows American people to be apart of the political world but I think there should just be more rules dealing with the art of debating for these candidates.








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