My own history with news media

Since the start of the paper press news and the way people receive it constantly changes especially with recent years of the world wide web! You can get news from a paper, social media the TV , Radio and many other options and with each generation it seems that their traditional source of news is trying to keep up with this fast changing world.

For example Senora Amos from the baby boomers generation would get the paper and sit down with coffee and read it. While Sheryl Amos form generation X would just flip on ABC to find her favorite news anchor Peter Jennings while many people of generation Y just get alerts when big stories happen sent to their phone from AP or CNN. Most of these news sources shape how we view the world and how certain news topics effect us. Senora received the Tribune and African American news paper because they “covered what other news paperswere scared to”. She remembers the assassination of president John F Kennedy she was 13 I the 7th grade “ We just left homeroom the bell rang and we were told to return back to homeroom for an announcement, the president was shot and they asked us to pray”. “They let school out early and it was the most silent walk home ever we walked in the TV was on and mom was crying, I’ll never forget that day!” She of course received the news of the president being shot by word of mouth but “That TV stayed on and we kept crying”. Sheryl remembered 9/11 very well . At the time she lived in NYC she recalls the event as being “horrible” when originally asked about the subject she teared up a bit. “We could see and smell the smoke” at first we did not know if it was just an accident but it was scary”.


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