140-character limit and allows you to retweet

Based in San Fran

Created 2006

Must have tool for journalist you can hashtag (#) to get your information out to a broader audience and @ people to show and give the sources

Always remember do not bore people! Tweeting for your audience and giving personality is a must always check sources nothing worst than having wrong information, the internet is big and people will find out and the people of twitter will DRAG YOUU and let you know you are wrong and WHY trust me I see it everyday)

Some great people/organizations on twitter would be CNN, BuzzFeed, Gabby Noone, Quinta B (my favorite) they tweet and know their audience which is most important.

One thing I love looking at on twitter would be twitter fails because the community of twitter will call you out in a hot second. For example, #McDStories this was a marketing plan by McDonalds for people to tweet about good times and foods at McDonalds but it quickly turned to talks of bad food codes, food poisoning and gross food.

Share your twitter with embedded links and gain followers!






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