Chapter 8

Being a child/teen of this digital age I assumed that I knew everything about emails and social media but after reading this chapter I realized that there is a lot that I do not know. Simple things like being digitally organized. For example in the book they talking about making folders for everything especially email. I know In class you tell us to make folders for our projects on our hard drive I will admit I do mot  always do it but I know it s helpful for when I go back and try to find my old files and plenty of emails and lost contacts. Luckily some of these tips and apps that they gave I already used like evernote and drop box (the cloud). Being a college student data collecting is something that I do everyday for all of my projects and will real facts and data that can help your story come to life and improve your credibility. The ability to share this data can be simple or can become a bit harder with the way the book explains like when using a spread sheet which in reality is really helpful sometimes a pain to create (thank goodness for excel classes in highschool). I learned that I  order to share data you need to know your audience and be able to help them understand all the numbers and graphs you are trying to show them. Make it simple but concise.Unknown.pngUnknown.jpeg