Trump and Free Media

The media can make or break a presidential election and as far as the election in 2016 is concerned it seems to be working favor for one candidate in particular, Donald Trump. It is said that all press is good press and from the looks of it that’s true because Trump has 23 times the air time of democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and is leading in the polls by a great margin but, is this really helping out county. The news is supposed to be the 4th estate/the watchdog of the government yet it seems with this election they are just falling into what is “popular” not the facts that are important in helping Americans pick the next president.

According to New York Times “he (Trump) spent less on television advertising — typically the single biggest expenditure for a campaign — than any other major candidate, according to an analysis by SMG Delta,” If you need a comparison in numbers Trump spent 10 Million as opposed to the highest spender Jeb Bush who spent 82 million! When it comes to “free media coverage” (Posts on issue-specific blogs, articles in local and national newspapers, and live news stories can expand your reach beyond your existing networks.”)  Bush receives about 214 million $ while trump gets 1,898 million$. According to New York Times “Mr. Trump earned $400 million worth of free media last month, which is about what John McCain spent on his entire 2008 presidential campaign”

With all of this free time that he is getting most of it is not spent on his politics and ideas it’s is spent on silly things he says or his hair do. Donald Trump said it best himself “If you get good ratings—and these aren’t good, these are monster—then you’re going to be on all the time, even if you have nothing to say.” All news stations need advertisement money in order to “keep the lights on”- so to speak. Trump will give their news rooms clicks, views and video watches which on the surface to advertisers looks great they will know for sure their product is being seen by millions but people fail to see the negative effect that is has on the nation when you solely worry about you advertiser money. Stated by Columbia Journalism School Review “It is unbelievable, and that’s why Trump makes for especially entertaining campaign coverage. But Trump’s rise has been no accident. He’s a well-known political outsider who speaks in black-and-white proclamations, satisfying the media’s and the public’s shared craving for celebrity, novelty, and clarity.” He knows that the things he said will get him on are for peeps sake he had a reality show, he knows that the most outlandish makes it to the next season, gets sponsorship and get the most air time.


A great example that shows how much unnecessary coverage that Donald Trump can be seen during a time where the media should have dug MUCH deeper to find out information on Trumps alleged intern that retweeted:

“@mygreenhippo #BenCarson is now leading in the #polls in #Iowa. Too much #Monsanto in the #corn creates issues in the brain? #Trump #GOP,”

This is very interesting because we didn’t get any more information about this “intern” normally media outlets will try and find this person to PROVE the truth of the candidate.

Even the media recognizes their fault I their actions of covering Donald Trump at the exceptional levels that they do. National Journal columnist Ron Fournier says. “We in the media are definitely fueling his rise. But on the other hand, we in the media may burn him up … . We would not be doing our jobs if we were not giving him an inordinate amount of attention. He is the frontrunner.” Yet in 2008 and 2012 when president Obama was the “frontrunner” he did receive “free media” because of the history that lied within him running but he received no where nears the amount that Trump has received I terms of dollars  “Obama once  said that while he took “some” responsibility for the worsening tone of politics, the media also needed to accept responsibilities. The president told reporters that the American people depended on them to sort through the theatrics of the presidential campaign and remained “hungry for the truth.”. Even the president recognizes the detriment that the media is doing to a society.


We the people depend on the media as a fourth estate, to be the watch dog of the government. Not to give us entertainment, funny memes and not to pay their bills. People trust the media less and less for these reasons as a young journalist we must be on the watch for this “fake” idea of news. The main purpose to report something, IS IT NEWS WORTHY and at this point Trump’s funny anecdotes, hair and raciest statement are no longer news worthy! The media created this monster so it is up to them to put him to rest.


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