The New Age Of TV

About 1.05 million people in the U.S. cut their TV subscriptions last year ( granted this could be caused by many reasons from unemployment or switching over to a different company but my theory is that many people are seeing how expensive cable can be and how cheap other TV sources like streaming on Netflix and Hulu is easier you can even watch when and where you want. Online streaming allows you to catch up on old seasons and binge watch all day long. Shows like Scandal, Greys Anatomy and How to get away with Murder come on Thursday’s prime time slot but with four million people subscribed to Hulu/Hulu + how do networks keep their completive numbers to keep those advertiser dollars up?

Well the United States and Canada use Nielsen- statistical sampling to obtain their numbers. They get a “”sample audience” and then count how many in that audience view each program. Nielsen then extrapolates from the sample and estimates the number of viewers in the entire population watching the show.” (Nielsen) With online streaming this become hard to measure in 2013 Nielsen was working on finding a way to get clear numbers of how many people are watching shows online but nothing was solid and without solid numbers it’s hard to get advertisement. For some websites like Netflix’s that’s not really a problem because they do not rely on advertisers for money. Recently Nielsen announced plans to institute systems that track SVOD (Subscription Video-on-Demand) “It was also revealed this tracking would exclude mobile devices (most likely due to the fact most phones wouldn’t be picked up by existing Nielsen boxes). According to statements, the ratings organization plans to compile the data for television networks and studios so they can see how their content performs on each service respectively” (Forbes)

Some shows that  don’t have “all” there numbers they use hashtags(#) on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook to combat time shifting eg: #AHS or #LHHATL to have people tweet while watching like a little community you get to watch it with a whole bunch of people that love the show like you. This tactic is used to get people to watch the time the show comes on instead of on Hulu or Netflix or even DVR


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