Net Neutrality

This topic is discussed over all news and media stations and apart of many political agendas but it’s a thing that many people in this nation do not understand how this will affect them. The definition defined by the Webster is “the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites.” This basically means that for the people that can afford it they will be able to run their websites on a higher/ faster bandwidth. This will make downloads and uploads faster.

With this there are many people that are for net neutrality and people that are against it . The people that are for it feel as if internet service providers should not be allowed to block or slow down certain websites because they can’t afford the (most likely) high price to get fast internet. This is most closely related to cell phone providers like version and AT&T they aren’t allowed to block the people you can call or text for a higher price. Net neutrality promotes a free market where everyone is on the same playing field which is important, most people don’t stay on a non-responsive/ slow website for to long but if you are a small business and can’t afford to get the higher speed internet they can lose tons of clients that way

Many people that feel like net neutrality is not something that is really necessary they feel as if big companies like hulu, Netflix amazon and google  already have an advantage on faster internet. Which is true many of sites of this caliber run dedicated computer servers inside these ISP which is also called peering connections. So people feel as if its already going on why should we all be worrying about it? Another reason people don’t think this is really such a problem is because most of the people surfing the web are going to these top 30 websites, so if they are making the most money and getting the most hits why not give them faster internet?


With that being said many people what net neutrality so we can have a great amount of competition like I stated above the most people are only going to about 30 websites so there is not that much competition out there for websites. Self-proclaimed techie Joshua Steimel says that “I agree. Everyone seems to agree that monopolies are bad and competition is good, and just like you, I would like to see more competition. But if monopolies are bad, why should we trust the U.S. government, the largest, most powerful monopoly in the world?”

Recently in early 2015 the FCC voted to uphold net neutrality and keep the internet free and open. Which is good and bad and soon be review by them again to decide what they think is best.


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