Movie Side By Side

It seems like every single day there is a new piece of technology emerging in this day and age. Now the hot new term in every single one of my journalism classes is multi-media journalist we now have to be able to write a story, shoot the story and then edit the story. What that we also need to be able to put the story on all platforms like websites, TV and of course social media! To be able to reach across the regular demographics and broaden the normal audience. You can see this now because even CNN has a snapchat application according to Business Insider 45% of snapchat users are between the ages of 18-24 and 26% 25-34 yet their audience on Television is 51.1% between the age of 25-54 they are really trying to reach into a younger demographic with their snapchat. Another thing that I will always remember that my favorite professor Linda Pattillo said it’s that it’s no longer a 24 hour news cycle it’s a 24 second news cycle with this new technology we must always be “on” and connected with news stories and our audience. This pushed the “need to be first” in the fore front which can lead to many mistakes due to the Fog of war with the new technology we must remember that being right is more important than being first. That can get in the heads of many young reporters and that big news room scare.  

These tools are very important in the new possess for digital journalism because I feel as if they have a make or break aspect to your career. Understanding these tools will only push you forwards and not learning these tools can hinder you from jobs in the market or the one you may already have. Video is to me one of the most important possess to learn if you want to consider yourself a multimedia journalist if you have horrible video as a journalist something that you can’t give to your news room they would even be able to put anything up. People that are even on their own need good video. No one likes to watch poor video quality and will likely click off within the first 3 seconds so without knowing/learning the video quality you won’t have viewers regardless if you are a professional journalist or just starting out on YouTube you need good video quality. Another very important tool is audio and my goodness it’s one of my biggest struggles. Getting good audio because again people won’t listen or pay attention so without learning both of these tools hand in hand the content that you create and put out for the world will not been seen by many. Learning trends and how to properly uses them for your advantage see where what and how people are reading the news and hopeful not a surprise that it’s not the newspaper anymore. This goes hand in hand with teach your audience a lot of people get their news from social media that means be where your audience is! Getting a Facebook, twitter, snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, the list goes on and on but you need to find where your readers are and give them your content in the easiest way possible. Also learning how to engage with them on these social media sites like learning how to tag properly find out when people are mostly on these sites by using other pieces of technology. Another way is to test what people like on you social media sites when you get a lot of likes or comments on a certain post and dissect that post as to what made it so great and try to replicate what you did (of course with a different story). All of these tools can help me become a better journalist while being in school and learning various things.  

All of this information will help me become a journalist that companies will want to hire. In this day and age stations want to save money and hire less people. Knowing how to work a camera and edit and get good audio is the better than knowing only one thing it would be more beneficial to have a worker that can do way more. This will help me get my stories out to a broader audience by creating content for TV, Radio or online. Another way that these new technologies have already helped me it gets my name out there these technologies helps anyone create website or microblog like twitter or Instagram! Many people (even a potential show for GSUTV) have gotten “famous” or jobs from being on these social media sites. Technology is changing the world for good and bad. Helping journalist get their foot in the door and helping build a portfolio 


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