Social networking site for the business community. You need need to add your resume which is basically adding each of your experience. Try to use things that are geared toward the field that you want to go in. When it comes to photos you need to dress in the cloths you would wear at that job!

Connect Connect Connect!

Don’t add people that you don’t know make real connections this site is not for friendships its for businesses. Add Linkedin you the end of your email so people can add you and find who you are especially if emailing a potential employer.

In order to build relationships, it is important to join groups that deal with the company you want to work for or the industry that you want to go into. Just make sure you are not in 50 groups (which is the max) because you want to be active with the members and it will be hard to be active with 50 groups.

VIDEO, something I never thought of but a video cover letter would be amazing you can showcase why you really are without someone reading (which they will read two lines and be done) you can engage your future boss with a video about yourself and why you will be great fort the job



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