Why is Blogging so important?

cropped-AbeeIt helped me re-solidify my reason to start my blog in the first place for a place and platform for people that are often unheard and reminded me that blogging is a good start to journalism career although many times people have told me its the start to sloppy journalism. This chapter also taught me a word I never even heard of (microblogging) WHAT? Yet micro blogging is something that I do everyday (probably more often than I should. I love micro blogging or as I call it Twitter it helps me get a quick message out with a link or a picture attached without me having to write a 1,000 word blog post. Also how significant it is to reports to get break news stories. This chapter also touched on how to better brand and market myself with social media and joining I the conversation. This chapter changed my mind on on what blogging is and what it means to me




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