Intro in to Being a Mass Media Journalist !


This Chapter taught me a lot about the background information on computers and originally I thought I knew a lot. I already have my own website hosted on wordpress and using go daddy as my server yet there is still a lot that I don’t know about the backing of my site. There is a lot of information on data and coding that I had no clue about because wordpress makes it so easy. But understanding how my website in run in great information for me to learn. This chapters also taught me why my videos and post can take so long to upload because of the space that they take up. When I first got my computer my grandmother would always tell me to clean my cached files but, I never did. And now im 100% sure that why my computer would run so slow after all of the huge saveed files that I had. I originally learned about plugins from my site wordpress has tons of them. This book taugth me that I use plugins everyday on my google Chrome. All along I thought RSS feeds were something lame that people used way back in the 90’s and they were a) hard or b) boring to look at. But I learned that they are super easy to set up and use to help you grow your audience. I use MailChimp as my RSS feed and I never really knew thy were basically the same thing.


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